Jane Cochrane
Contemporary Artist

Light is everything to me – I love the fleeting magic that brings such drama and life to our vistas and landscapes.


When I lived on an island, I was fascinated by the impact that the water-laden atmosphere had on the quality of light. Differing levels of humidity would see the mainland appear closer or drift further away.

Crisp, dry polar air would mean that I could see a heat-haze on the mainland beaches, and, even at high tide, I felt I could simply stride across the band of water. On moist days the mainland was just a smudge on the horizon, and I’d feel remote from the rest of my family.


My work simply strives to capture that transient quality of light in a way that retains the vibrancy of my materials and engages my viewers.

Willow Barn, East Lane, Ufford, Suffolk, IP13 5EB