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Sculpted Paper Artworks 

I love to sculpt beautiful fractal images from paper, mediums and inks. As an avid naturalist, my main inspiration is the natural environment around East Anglia which I try to capture.

I have always been enchanted by paper – be it vellum, tissue, or the exotic Tsasho, Khadi and Unryu papers from Bhutan or Japan, so it was natural that my love of mixed media work should expand to exploring the textural properties of papers and paint. 

Sculpting paper is a fairly involved process and has 4 main stages: 

  1. Researching and selecting papers to match the atmosphere of the picture I am trying to create

  2. Creating a beautiful or intriguing background from a limited palette matched to the colours of the changing seasons

  3. Moulding the chosen paper to create the main point of focus and additional background forms 

  4. Applying ink and paints to encourage “happy accidents” of colour and texture, adding further layers of paper as necessary to create atmosphere and impact. 


Arriving at this point has taken many hours of trial, error, and experimentation in trying to match the right paper, palette and sculpting technique. I hope you enjoy the results.

Jane Cochrane Artworks, Nature Paintings, Art Gallery
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