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Mail Art

So this year I am participating in Rebecca Moss Guyver's Mail Art project as part of the Suffolk Open Studio's event. Rebecca receives pieces of art - either original or postcards - sent via the mail and then collates the into one display. For every piece she receives she sends the sender a piece of her own work in return.

So I thought it would be interesting to send something from San Francisco, where I am currently working for 2 weeks, to Rebecca at her Suffolk home. The question is ... what to send? Most paper media is too flimsy and would need an envelope for protection which would somewhat defeat the objective of the exercise. Equally I don't want to send a valuable artwork that might not reach its final destination of might get severely damaged en route. So, in the end, I packed a practice piece of an experimental sculpted paper painting and will post it before we head back to the UK. It will be fascinating to see what happens ....

The painting was an attempt at capturing the movement and light in a scene that I had witnessed on a truly sparkling very breezy day. A swallow had mistakenly flown into a wood and seemed dazed by the piercing sunlight and trapped by the swaying and foliage.

Further updates to follow!

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