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Deadlines Concentrate the Mind & the Brush!

"We need a good main prize for the raffle!" the chairman of the Art Festival said as we reached the final preparations for our fund raising event. "Shall I paint a picture of the Church?" I was aghast to hear my self volunteer. I spent the next day or two cursing myself - I mean it's not as though I haven't got enough to do already. But eventually as the day of the event loomed I buckled down and gathered my materials together to start sketching our local parish church.

I knew I only had a few hours spare and really had to get it right first time so I completed two paintings with slightly different colour palettes at the same time and finalised my preferred one with pen. When framed I was quite happy with the painting and it certainly drew a lot of comments (and raffle ticket sales) on the day.

Hi Jane

Just to say, we were really thrilled to have won your Church Lane pic in the raffle on Sunday - such a lovely surprise to start the week with on Monday.

It’s absolutely beautiful and how great it is that it’s going to live in Church Lane - it’s looking very much at home already!

Lots of love

A & G xxx


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