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Knowledge is Power but Influence is King

A somewhat rather surprising event happened for me late last week and I am still trying to understand it.

For the first time ever a fellow artist refused to share ideas. I had admired her work for some time and particularly her skill in one particular area and I had asked if I could have a Skype discussion to learn about the tools and paper etc she uses to achieve a particular technique.

The response was friendly enough but very clear that divulging anything about style or technique was not up for exploration!

This led me to reflect on all those tutors who have given so generously of their time and experience to help me, and many others, to master a particular technique. I've never tried to "copy" their style but have experimented, adapted and created my own "style" where it fits for me.

When attending talks or demonstrations at my local art club I have always learnt something even if I didn't particularly care for the artistic style of the demonstrator.

The rise of our connected world has undoubtedly caused a seismic shift in thinking. In the old mindset, knowledge truly was power but for the connected and younger generations there is no doubt that "Influence is King".

In all spheres of learning I believe we have a duty to spread our knowledge and help others to build their skill - this is far more influential and valuable than those that hold their knowledge to themselves.

I was in Atlanta, GA, recently and felt that this wonderful statue epitomised this. It clearly shows young students lifting themselves upwards on the shared learning of others.

And just for the record I'm very happy to share my skills, knowledge and materials with you either for free or, if longer is needed, for a small charge.

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