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In Memory of Pauline

2020 is of course the Year of the Pandemic and the whole world seems different but here in rural Suffolk we seemed a little removed from the horrors that other's were suffering, particularly in Italy and New York. Our spring was glorious throughout our first lockdown and I embarked on a commission with great gusto. By lockdowns 2 and 3, things had changed an a new variant took hold and infection levels locally increased dramatically. And then I found that my artist friend Pauline had been hospitalised - ostensibly with her asthma but sadly her diagnosis virutally confirmed a death sentence - due to age and underlying health issues.

Her bravery and sangfroid was incredible as she emailed to say that after an Xray she had been told contact her friends and next of kin - indeed she comforted the young doctor who had cried as she gave the bad news - and the last email I had from her was on Christmas Night.

My grief is an amalgamation of lots of little losses,such as a year of not seeing my grandchildren, all bound up in the loss of my friend.

For a month I could not paint but as time passed I knew that I should try and as I tackled this quite complex issue I fondly imagined Pauline peering over my shoulder and commenting. I hope she likes it.


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