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A Social Media Surprise!

The rise of Social Media over the last decade or two has been incredible in many aspects and today I found myself surprised once again. Prior to turning professional as an artist I had responsibility for Economic Development in the portfolio of teams that I managed in local government. The importance of the World Wide Web and social media to small specialist businesses seemed obvious to me ... but back then the challenges of getting, for example, a smoked eel supplier in the UK west country to see the opportunities of selling to places such as Japan were considerable. Even so I had considered myself as pretty social media savvy but early this morning I was really taken by surprise as I scanned Facebook. I stopped to admire a lovely photo of the winter sun streaming in a shop window and lighting up some pictures and objects on the windowsill ... and then I realised that one of the paintings touched by the sunbeams was, in fact, one of mine ... :-)

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