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Timber has Fallen

I enjoy undertaking commissions but there is always an element of concern as to whether the client likes the draft or finished product. As I unveil the work I am always relieved when I see a look of true pleasure spread across my client's face.

I've just completed this retrospective commission of a beautiful dog Timber who died recently. I used to see Timber with his owner around our village and he was one of those lovely patient labradors that everyone loves. A true pal, steadfast and loyal.

The intersting thing is that whilst I often saw Timber I never really "saw" him ... not with an artist's eye. I never really studied the shape of his face or colour of his eye's and coat. So working on a commission was quite challenging as I only had some old photos to work from. The key thing is to get they eye's right and in one of the photos Timber's lovely character shone out of his eyes.

The commission went well and apart from some adjustment to the colour of Timber's coat was completed with two visits. The picture was a surprise present for the owner's forthcoming birthday and I was both delighted and relieved when I received a text saying "He loves it!" and also a visit from the recipient to express his gratitude.

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