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Art Club Demo Night

I love doing demonstration events partly because I enjoy sharing my love of art but also because I learn so much. Last week I did a coloured pencil demo at a local art group and found it so rewarding! The group was mixed with some frequent coloured pencil users but had not progressed very far with their experimenting and had been disappointed with their efforts to date.

A few minutes talking on each the key techniques and some of the fundamental properties of pencil and everyone relaxed and began to share experiences and ideas.

For coloured pencil demos or workshops I like to choose a really simple subject - it's not a session about learning to draw; it's a session about learning the special techniques of coloured pencil. Cherries are a great topic for practic! They're easy to draw, they've got such a lovely shiny translucency and luscious colours. The two pictures show a) my commercially purchased reference picture and my demo - complete with my colour swatch which identifies the coloured pencils needed before even starting to lay down my first layer. Here's some of the feedback from the group members

Hi Jane

I have now had the opportunity to speak to a number of members who attended your demo and like myself found it extremely informative presented in a relaxed way. Come later in the year when not so busy enjoying working in the garden and on my allotment I will certainly be having a go at working with colour pencils a little more than I had previously. - Yvonne (June 2018)

Hi Jane, I really enjoyed your talk. Never knew there was so much you can do with colour pencils! - Rose (June 2018)

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